When I buy a BeerGater, does it include the cooler?

No. The BeerGater package consists of the BeerGater plate with taps, the pressure tanks, CO2 cartridges and hoses needed to hook everything up. It does not include the cooler. We are currently working with several cooler companies and we may consider releasing an all-inclusive package in the future.

Will my BeerGater work with any cooler?

Maybe. The BeerGater works with coolers that have 19” of straight lip available under the lid. We are creating a simple plastic piece that will be available soon to allow the BeerGater to fit any cooler, regardless of size.

What are the dimensions of the BeerGater?

The BeerGater tap plate is 19” wide, 12.5” tall with a 3” lip that can hang over your cooler. The pressure tanks are 8” square and just shy of 14” tall.

How much does each pressure tank hold?

Each pressure tank has a total capacity of 2.5 US gallons. However, we have only managed to get about 2 gallons of beer in each tank due to the foam. Any non-carbonated drink such as Gatorade or water can use the full 2.5 gallon capacity on each side. That’s nearly 5 gallons of beer.

Can I use it for beverages other than beer?

You know it. You can run any liquid through a BeerGater. It has been field tested with Water, Gatorade, Soda, Beer, Hurricanes, Sangria and Stout.

How much does it weigh?

The tap plate and empty pressure tanks combined weigh about 8 pounds.

Does the cooler close when the BeerGater is attached?

Not completely. However, despite the whining we have received about this, customers who have field tested the BeerGater tell us that there is no noticeable difference in the melting of ice compared to using the cooler for cans because the top stays closed (although not completely sealed) most of the time. Using cans, people are constantly opening the cooler, allowing warm air in more frequently.

Our tests showed that the ice in the cooler lasted well past the 5 hour mark when the cooler had the BeerGater attached.

We have field tested it in Southern California at several kids’ soccer tournaments with Gatorade and water and there was never an issue of the ice melting any faster than average. We're talking many hours here, folks.

Can I use any CO2 cartridge with my BeerGater?

In theory, yes. CO2 is CO2, but our injectors are unique because we have fitted them for the larger 33g food-grade cartridges. The thread on the cartridges that you buy in bike stores or wherever will not fit our threads – they are different.

Where can I get replacement CO2 cartridges?

Surprise! You can get them from us. However, instead of charging people an arm and a leg for CO2, we have a factory direct connection and we pass the saving on to our BeerGater tailgating warriors. If you look anywhere for 33g CO2 cartridges, you will quickly see that we are walking our talk here. Oh, by the way, our 33g CO2 cartridges work only with BeerGater and not on air rifles, life jackets, paintball guns or any other 3/8” threaded CO2 required device.

What is the refund policy?

The refund policy can be found right on the front page of the website. So can the privacy policy.

Do you ship to Canada?

You know it, eh? As avid beer league hockey players who have lived in Canada, we would never forget our friends north of the border. The shipping is significantly more expensive though.